This page is dedicated to all the amazing photographers who have helped capture a lot of the magical moment featured on the Edd Crafer Magician website. A huge thank you to you all!

Mark Raines - https://markraines.co.uk

Aaron Murrell - https://www.facebook.com/aaronmurrellphotography

Simon Watson - https://www.simonwatson-photography.co.uk

Rob Buttle - https://www.facebook.com/RobButtlePhotography

James Neale - https://www.jamesnealephotography.co.uk

Luis Holden - https://www.luisholden.com

Tim Wood - https://timwoodphoto.co.uk

Rafe Abrook - https://www.rafeabrook.co.uk

Nicki Thurgar - https://nickithurgarphotography.co.uk

Tim Wood - https://timwoodphoto.co.uk

Rafe Abrook - https://www.rafeabrook.co.uk

Dan Lightening - https://lighteningphotography.co.uk

Esther Wild - https://www.estherwild.com

Lee Blanchflower - https://www.blanc-creative.com

Victoria & Rob - http://www.dazedphotography.com

The Wedding Industry Awards - official photographer - https://www.the-wedding-industry-awards.co.uk

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